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Favourite quotes

October 20, 2008

Contextualization be damned. We have our own story. And if it clashes with the stories we find around us, so much the worse for the other stories. After all, our story is big enough to encompass every other. Peter Leithart, Against Christianity, 58ff.

Revival doesn’t come by chasing revival. It only comes by chasing Christ (Washer)

Our hearts are a perpetual factory of idols (Calvin)

If there is one maverick molecule in the universe, then God is not sovereign. (Sproul)

Isn’t it amazing how you and I have the ability to take the most trivial thing and turn it into a god? (Paul Washer)

We marvel at the Declaration of Independency but what we need is a Declaration of Dependency (to Jesus)

Some ask “why do bad things happen to good people?” but the right question is “how does anything good happen at all in this fallen world?”

(Speaking of our evangelizing methods, where “do you know you are a sinner” is number one) Everyone knows he is a sinner. The problem is that they don’t realize how heinous and terrible that is.

I have good news and bad news. The good news is “God is here”, and the bad news is “God is here”. It depends which side of the line you’re standing on.

It’s not the devil who rules over hell, but God.

Fear of failure is many times wrapped up with pride (fear of losing the reputation)

Persecution is always meant for evil, but God always means it for good.

If you don’t take care of that today, you didn’t take care of that long time ago either (talking about the moment someone was saved)

So difficult is our salvation that only God can make it happen.

Jesus promised you two things: a cross to die on, and eternal life.

Agenda for today: let God.

The thing that most consumes your thoughts is your god (Paul Washer)

If God does not exist, then nothing matters.
If God does exist, that is all that matters.

For us in this world it’s as bad as it’s gonna get, as opposed to the world, where it’s the other way around.

If the first characteristic of the church is love, the second is suffering

William Mac Donald: If we attempt anything without Jesus, we will fail miserably – or succeed even more miserably

If God were first, we would end up having nothing

God being first means the end of our individual rights.

Some think that nothing times nobody equals everything (evolution)

Jesus took us out of mud, and let us walk on marble

Savonarola: if we know that God is above, we won’t care what happens below

It’s not that he loved us because we have value, but we have value because he loved us.

More than what He gives us, we need Him

Love God’s word, and you will love Him

You can get a lot of work done if you don’t care who gets the glory

Better dead at Jesus’ feet than alive anywhere else.

Labour is not a substitute for love, and doctrine is not a substitute for devotion

Much for God means much with God

It’s possible to say “I’m saved” before you have any sense that you are even lost.

Jesus plus nothing equals everything

God did not redeem us so that we could spend our lives being punctual and well-behaved people

The hell is going to be filled with people who admire Jesus

Jesus didn’t say “love me, like me, admire me, consider me”, he said “follow me”

You don’t have to defend the Word of God. It’s just like defending a lion: let it out of the cage and it will defend itself

The world couldn’t get along with the holiest man that ever lived, how will they get along with us!?

The Gospel is supposed to be a scandal, like it always was.

It’s God we should try not to offend, not the world (or, there’s something worse than an empty church, namely an offended God)

God chooses to glorify Himself not through our strengths, (talents, abilities, wealth, education, influence, etc.), but rather through our weakness.

If I were to go to heaven, and find that Christ was not there, I would leave immediately, for heaven would be hell to me without Christ (Thomas Goodwin)

Sin is a family disease (which we all inherit from our first parents, Adam and Eve) – JC Ryle

What does He want from us? Everything.

Do you enjoy God as much as you did yesterday the football game?

How much has cost you to be a Christian?

Our redemption is not a once-and-for-all flu-shot.

Offer your family what you offer God and see how long you have a family.

If every man on the earth became blind it would not diminish the beauty of the sun and if every man turned atheist it would not diminish the glory of God (AW Tozer)

On judgement day I’d rather be a liberal politician than a conservative preacher (Paul Washer, regarding the watered-down Gospel that is preached today)

Men who labor to hide God from themselves, can never hide themselves from God.

Perhaps you think the saints of God [are] too strict and particular and serious. You rather avoid them. You have no delight in their society. There will be no other company in heaven (JC Ryle)

The natural man is afraid to burn in hell, but he’s not afraid to sin (Augustine)

Grace is the understanding that God is a better savior than you are a sinner (Christopher Love)

The Christians and politics

October 18, 2008

A little background: in the last three years I spent much time reading about politics and I even listened (on a daily basis) to a talk-show which was mostly about politics.

During this time, I considered myself to have the positions that the Christians have (abortions, same-sex marriage, taxation, etc).
But I was still of the world back then.

Now, what’s wrong when we are much involved in politics? The danger comes in when we spent more time and energy about these things than about God’s kingdom.
When we are more concerned about Jesus being the teacher of the society than the Saviour. When we want, more than people getting saved, that we have the fifties back again (with its Christian values accepted in the society).

We should be known by the world as Jesus’ representatives on earth much more than as those who fight abortion and same-sex marriage (even though the Bible is against them).

The motto is: “my kingdom is not of this world”.

There is the city of God, and the city of man (like Augustine said).
It’s possible that the city of God prospers, but the city of man doesn’t. Like it is in China, where the Church is spreading much more than in the free Taiwan.

Should we vote? Of course.  Should Christians run for office? Yes. But all of us, the Christians, should be more interested that the city of God prospers.

I assume for many of us (in November) the result won’t be like we would want it. We shouldn’t become bitter about it, we should treat the president with respect, even if we didn’t vote for him.
(I am not American so I won’t vote, please forgive this “we”)

This is a bit off-topic, but it may be that difficult times will come for the Christians (both in Europe and USA). Maybe we will face persecutions.
Should we stand up for our rights? Or for the liberty of expression?

For much of its two thousand years history, Christ’s church was persecuted. Let’s pray that in case this will happen, we will do the right thing.

We are not of this world, we are just passing by.