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September 23, 2008

May I introduce myself, Cris, found by the Lord a second time.

What do I intend with the blog: share with you how good is the Lord, get to know some good Christian links

What I don’t intend: get others to say nice things about me. In case you find something that is useful for your walk with the Jesus, praise the Lord! In that case, I’d like (me) to see myself like some kind of microphone, which nobody cares about, just about the one who talks

I am found a second time because for a long time I didn’t want to have anything to do with the Lord.
I just wanted Him to “leave me alone”.
But God, in His great grace, looked for me and took me back. The prayers of my family (mother, grandparents, sisters) reached me.

I don’t want it to sound dramatically, so I am trying to avoid big words.

The blog is called “Nothing between from me and my Saviour”, a Christian hymn by Charles A. Tindle: Nothing between

Because anything that has too much importance in our lives (even if it’s not a bad thing, but which stops us from having a good relationship with God) is in a way an idol.